We are about providing quality goods at a competitive price. Only items which we feel confident with are sold and we have a refund policy for any which are not as expected.


Are all scented with natural fruit scents and have exquisite detail which make them not only smell of the fruit but all have an exact resemblance. The vegetable candles have the same precision to accuracy but no scent for obvious reasons. We also provide jar candle in two sizes and can produce other items as required.


These are all produced in the UK and are predominantly vegan and are never tested on animals. Alongside the gorgeous soaps which all have a fantastic scent we also sell soap sponges which are a sponge infused with soap and so are ideal for showers and baths. For our younger guests we have soap with a toy and there are many to collect from ducks to giraffes.

Toys and Puzzles

we only sell wooden items which are designed in the UK which means they are of a high quality. The orange tree items are all sold at a competitive price so you cannot buy them cheaper anywhere. All the unboxed puzzles are supplied with a cloth bag to enable children to keep the pieces together

Wooden Boxes

These come in various designs predominantly Harry Potter but also Lego and Champagne. The rope handles boxes all come in three sizes and all designs are available. The otherĀ  boxes come in five sizes and all designs. they are all of a high quality and the wood has been treated.

Recycled Garden Ornaments

These are made from used steel oil drums andĀ  are burnished and cleaned before the artistic work begins. The metal is then cut into the different elements of the sculpture using a hand-operated guillotine. These are then hammered into shape on a large wooden tree stump. A framework is welded together, then the components are attached to it to create the individual designs. Finally, the sculpture is dipped in lacquer, enhancing the patina of the metal and giving a protective coating for outdoor display.